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Momís Postcards

Mom and I bet on the Super Bowl in January of 1994.


The bet was that the loser would send one postcard to the winner every week for one month. I donít remember if she or I really knew (or cared) about either team. I donít even remember who the teams were.


The important thing to know is that I lost.


After the first 4 postcards I said, ďIíve lost track of the postcard count so Iíll just keep sending them until you say ďenough!Ē Mom never did say ďenoughĒ so I sent a postcard a week (with one exception youíll see later) for nearly six years (for the rest of her life).


Carole and I enjoyed finding new postcards for Mom. When we traveled, we always tried to find some new and different postcards. There were many duplicates, but there were many unique cards as well including round,

l-o-n-g, wooden, and one containing redwood tree seeds.

The rube asks,

ďIs this a game

of chance?Ē


Shuffling the cards

W.C. Fields replies, ďNot the way

I play it, no.Ē

When I decided to put the collection online I began by displaying the postcards on my personal website, four across (front and back) but that was unworkable. Setting up all the links was labor intensive (something Iíve grown averse to) and considering there are about 300 postcards, I abandoned that method. So . . .


Iíve moved this page from my website, here to the FamMail website and Iím uploading the postcards to a SkyDrive album. Iíll add four or more postcards each week.


Click on the link below to access the album (it opens in a new window so when youíre finished you can just close that new window or tab).


You can click on the very first postcard to launch the slideshow or you can scroll down and click on any postcard to start from there. Move your mouse to center/right to find and click on the ď>ď symbol to advance to the next image. (Center/left symbol = previous image.) Iíve added captions below each image.


Iíll break the collection into years from 1994 through 1999.


So, if youíre ready, here we go . . .††††




Momís Postcards

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