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Feeding the Jays
Hazel Nut


I buy a 5lb bag of unsalted peanuts every Fall and during Winter I feed the Jays. Once or twice a week or when it’s unusually cold I toss a few peanuts on the back deck.


At first I clicked my tongue when I fed them and now when they hear the clicking they show up within a few seconds. If they don’t show, it means they are foraging somewhere else (and I put the peanuts back in the bag.

BTW, the squirrels

don’t have a clue.


Carole has a cup of Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa. (Hazelnut) each morning.

Very few stores carry the chocolate and even fewer have the hazelnut on a regular basis.


Carole finally asked the store manager at Market of Choice about the lack of hazelnut. He said it always sells out first. Also, that the supplier has stopped carrying it. He offered to try for a special order. He did that and emailed Carole when a shipment arrived. Hence the video.

1st Robin 2009


I monitored out my back window for a week waiting to see this year’s 1st robin.


Finally, late one evening it appeared in a small tree in our neighbor’s yard. I had my little RCA Small Wonder (digital) video cam on a mini tripod in the back window and our Panasonic (tape) video camera nearby.


The RCA cam is a point and shoot video cam. It could not adjust to the lighting because of the setting sun so the robin was virtually invisible. The Panasonic could zoom in and overcome that issue. For this clip I used the video from the Panasonic cam and the audio from the RCA cam.

Cindy's Jamba
Scottish Festival 2009



You didn’t make it to Eugene’s 20009 Scottish Festival?


Well, we did.

The Jay and the Snake
Skype Cam
Exploding Salmon
Coming Soon


Drama in the back yard.


One of my snake friends becomes a meal for one of my jay friends.


Using Skype (or other chat application) to monitor remotely.

Time: 4m25s

Exploding salmon. I document cleaning the microwave.

Time: 12 min

Bainbridge Island 4th of July, 2008

Part I

Time: 12 min

Bainbridge Island 4th of July, 2008

Part II

BBI 4th of July, 2008
Coming Soon


Short silly video for Cindy.


Our glass at Maude Kerns Art & the Vineyard.


(Coming soon)

Coming Soon


House tour for Sondra & Chuck (and anyone else).



Our 1st visit to Café Mundo in Newport.

4728 Tour
Cafe Mundo

Need to move these to my Youtube channel but keep this page and link to Youtube rather than CU.

Text Box: Personal website of GT Ratzloff

Time: 1.5 min

Day trip to Multnomah Falls June 22, 2010.

“1st look” is one short clip. Working on longer version.

Multnomah Falls (short)