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What’s that photo, upper left, on the weather page?

   Alcatraz lighthouse photographed in YYYY when we (Carole & I) took Mom & Dad (Rolan & Eleaner) on a tour of San Francisco including the Red & White Fleet trip to Alcatraz Island and prison.

   Before we left home in warm Contra Costa county I said we should take a sweater or coat because it can be much cooler near the bay. When we got on the boat Dad mentioned that it was breezy and cold. I reminded him that I’d suggested he take a jacket.

   He said, “Well, next time insist!”

When did the first “Gordon’s website” appear?


YYYY residing in the free space that came with my AOL account.


First computer class.


First computer.




First computer job.










Our own domain Ceilingunlimited hosted on Sonic of Santa Rosa then a couple of other less than memorable hosts and now GoDaddy.


I have many email accounts, several blog accounts and a multi-page account/password reference doc for all the sites I think I need to access.

Do you really take all these pictures?



Any photo on this website not taken by me will be credited to the photographer.


I’ve been taking pix since my teens starting with the ubiquitous (then) Brownie Starflash through various Polaroids (yes, I smeared the goo to get B/W photos from the xxx model and loved the SX folding Polaroid) and the 110 and 35mm cameras including my favorite Minolta SLR. I took movies with an old hand crank 8mm black box until I got a Super-8 (I don’t remember the brand) zoom, special effects camera. A Panasonic PalmSight Palmcorder VHS seemed like a step into the future and served us well.


THEN digital FINALLY arrived.


I took a jillion pix with my Canon PowerShot S-30 (which I still use as a backup) and now enjoy my Olympus SP-800UZ for 14MP stills as well as HD video. I use an RCA Small Wonder as an “always with me” video cam. Of course the constant cell phone can take pix and (short) videos. I haven’t made the next step to a smart phone. Will no doubt happen but not until the cost to (personal) benefit threshold is met.


Carole decided to scan all of our photo albums (!) and did so 10 or 15 or 20 scans at a time. A seemingly overwhelming project broken down into small steps is doable.


We still have slides and 8mm/Super 8 movies to digitize.


All in good time.

What is the meaning of life?



However, the purpose of an insightful life is simply:

To be happy.


To be happy is to be successful.


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