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Florence 7-15-2010

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Avenue of

the Giants


(parallel to US 101)


South of

Fortuna, CA.


One of our favorite places in the world. We’ve been visiting here since about 1970.

There are more of them than us.   - Herb Caen

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Trips, Frisco Utah, Black Hills, Salt Lake

Southern California

D. Valley, Disney, tar pits



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Hawaii, Canada, Alaska Cruise,

Seattle, Mt St Helens,

Astoria, Portland,

Multnomah Falls,


Oregon coast (various dates)


Yosemite, Sequoias, Kings Canyon

Northern California

SF, SR, Ukiah, Rdwds, Tahoe, Redding, etc.

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Bainbridge Island
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Heceta Head Lighthouse (date)

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Newport (various dates)

Heceta Head Lighthouse (date)

Florence (various dates)

NOAA Open House